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Nationwide Transportation Services - Hot Shot and Intermodal Containers


JD Express Inc is a specialty trucking and transportation company that handles shipments that most trucking companies simply can’t handle. If you have freight that requires special equipment or other considerations that are out of the ordinary, you can count on us to get your goods delivered securely and on time with special attention to detail. We pride ourselves on offering the best possible specialty services to our customers that are customized to fulfill any unique requirement.


  • JD Express Inc is a trucking and transportation company that specializes in performing jobs that not all other trucking companies are able to handle. Machinery and other heavy equipment require special shipping considerations because of their significant size and weight.

    The most important factor in considering transportation options for heavy equipment is providing accurate measurements for the size and weight. This allows us to determine what kind of trailer to use and whether any special considerations or arrangements will be necessary. For more information on heavy equipment transport, contact JD Express Inc today.


    JD Express Inc specializes in providing refrigerated transportation services. Our clients are businesses and organizations from multiple industries, including manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and wholesalers.

    When dealing with temperature-sensitive shipments in refrigerated transport vehicles, efficiency and safety are incredibly important. Here at JD Express Inc, we have the skills and experience to get your goods where they need to be, on time and in good condition.

    For more information about our refrigerated transportation services, contact us today.

    Contact JD Express Inc for reliable delivery of any perishable inventory, or for precise temperature controlled transportation requirements. We guarantee the safety of any shipment for anything from over-sized loads, to secure transport of delicate and fragile goods. Our team of experienced freight specialists customizes a range of specialty services for the shipment types listed above and other goods that require specialized handling including:

    -Frozen foodsHeated products

    -Blanket wrap

    -Specialty flatbed shipments

    -Fresh produce

    -Forest products

    -Recyclable materials

    -Sand and gravel

    -Climate controlled and box and pallet goods

    -Expedited services

    Using advanced freight management software, businesses in the Greater Houston region can count on JD Express Inc to exceed the standards of the average transport service. We offer a wide range of solutions geared toward accommodating a variety of industries and independent businesses who have specific shipping requirements.

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    Call us for further information and for answers to any questions you may have about specialty trucking and transport in Greater Houston and the surrounding regions.

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